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Who is Chef Fundim

Fundim Gjepali was born in a big family with a long tradition in cooking. He grew up in the countryside among healthy foods and love for biological cuisine which was inherited by his family.

Today he is 35 years old, at the peak of his career. He spent almost 14 years of his childhood in Shijak where his parents and brothers are living today. In 1996 he emigrated to Italy.

After several experiences in the most famous restaurants of Italy, it did not take long to become chef assistant. He knew where to put his hands: to clean, to mix herbs, vegetables, cheese and meat.

Gjepali has attended several internships and conferences in France, Spain, Italy, where he has learned more about cooking, not simply new recipes, but possible melting of ingredients, methods and new conservation techniques, “Construction” and representation of the dishes. Thus, thanks to his innate talent, love and respect for each food and its ingredients, techniques and methods he has learned over the years, today he is a very coveted Chef. In many competitions he is valued for his exceptional ability in cooking where he was honored with many awards. In 2014 he was awarded with the first price in Gran Prix of International Mediterranean cuisine and is also awarded with two fork by Gambero Rosso guide from 2012 until now.

In October , 2016 he won the competition “LA GRANDA” for the best meat recipe and he was honored by the historical guide “Touring Club Italiano” with Antico Arco restaurant.

On 28th December 2016 with Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, he won the fourth edition of the “Golden Bee” for restaurant category. The competition has been organized by the Prime Minister to reward successful companies.

Since many years ago, he leads the kitchen of the “Antico Arco” restaurant which is considered one of the best restaurants in Rome. Fundim is part of the group and he steadily aims to add and improve the work that others have done before. Over the years he has hosted many Albanian personalities such as politicians, artists and journalists. He has cooked for some well-known Italian personalities. He has managed to join cooking for the official events of Italian governmental. Fundim is also member of the MaterChef Albania jury promoting so and teaching the younger generations in the area of cooking.

Recently, you can enjoy the cooking prepared by Fundim even in Tirana. He shares with Albanians what he has taken from Rome and Italy by opening a restaurant here. Recipes and chef’s specials can be found at Padam Restaurant, located in the heart of Tirana. Especially for the restaurant he has built one of the modern farms in Albania with spices and fresh organic products which help him so much in his work and give a special quality of cooking. He cooperates with the Institutions to diffuse Albanian food and wine all over the world.